Kaitlyn Alyse has had a passion for music since a very young age.  She would sit in the back seat of her daddy's truck and belt out all of the lyrics to "Take this Job and Shove it" by Johnny Paycheck.  She began dance at the local YMCA at the very young age of three (and has continued with dance since).  She continued with her love for music by joining band her 6th grade year playing the flute and becoming first chair.  She made top band her 7th and 8th grade years.  During this time, she begged her parents to buy her a guitar and find her somewhere to take guitar lessons.  

 At the age of 13, Kaitlyn's Uncle Willie gave her his old Ibanez guitar for the two of them to start taking lessons with a local guitar teacher by the name of Derek Thibodeaux.  She picked up the guitar very quickly.  It didn't take her family, friends, and guitar teacher long to realize that she was really something special on it.  Derek begged Kaitlyn to try to sing something, and she REFUSED!  After months of pleading, Kaitlyn finally gave in.  Her first song was "Ghost Riders in the Sky" by Johnny Cash and she was awesome.  Wasn't long before she had her first official gig at her grandfather's surprise 60th birthday party. That was the night she realized she wanted to pursue music. 

Kaitlyn has performed at Zachry's Cajun restaurant, housewarming parties, Rowdy Buck's and Texas Republic Smokehouse with the Patrick Murphy Band, the Stars over Texas Stage at the HLSR, The Empty Glass, and Cedar Landing numerous times. 
Kaitlyn's influences are Miranda Lambert, Loretta Lynn and Reba McEntire.  

Kaitlyn's passion for music as well as her guitar is with her wherever she goes.  She truly loves what she does and appreciates everyone who supports her. 

Kaitlyn is heading in to the studio very soon with Stormy Cooper from Stormy Cooper Media, so be on the look out for new music in the Summer of 2017!!